GSOC President’s Field Trip: Eclipse! (and More)

2017 President’s Field Trip: Eclipse! (and More)

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Limited to GSOC members and their guests only. This trip will harken back to the good ol’ days when they called them the President’s Camp Outs. Participants will stay on the private property of a GSOC member in Mill City. We will be enjoying the fascinating local geology with limited amounts of driving. We may visit hot springs and swimming holes – both products of the area’s outstanding geology – so pack your swimming suits. Also your hiking boots, sunscreen and bug spray. Onsite accommodations will be tent camping only and motel rooms will be extremely scarce in the areas near the path of the total eclipse on Monday morning. 

Cost of the trip will be $80 per head and participation is limited to 48 GSOC members and 12 cars. Tents and meals will not be provided so participants need to bring their own food, tents, bed rolls, eclipse observation gear, etc. Porta potties will be provided. Questions about registrations? Call or text Paul at 971-404-6064.

President's Field Trip 1964

President's Field Trip 1964