Association for Women Geoscientists Spring Social
Women in Geology Join the Portland area Association for Women Geoscientists (AWG) Thursday evening May 26th at 5:00 Association for Women Geoscientists Spring Social
Women in Geology: Margaret Steere
Women in Geology Women in Geology: Margaret Steere
When the Plate Tectonic Revolution Met Western North America: the Lure of Science and the Oddness of being Female
Women in Geology set off a long battle over what to do with “the girl” on board the ship – women on ships are bad , so I went to visit him and various eastern schools. At Harvard, they didn’t accept women but they goodness for M I T, where they said “Sure, come along.” They had been accepting a sprinkling of women California Institute of Technology came, he told me straight out that Cal Tech didn’t accept women because
Synopsis of the 80th GSOC Annual Banquet with speaker Dr. Tanya Atwater, University of California Santa Barbara
girl" present. As there was no dress code for professional women at that time, she would show up Women in Geology
Association for Women Geoscientists Field Trip to Klamath Mtns. and Oregon Caves
Association for Women Geoscientists (Pacific Northwest Chapter) will be hosting a field trip to the Association for Women Geoscientists Field Trip to Klamath Mtns. and Oregon Caves
GSOC Past Presidents 1985-1989
Association 3. American University Women 4. Overseas Educators 5. Pacific Coast Geographers 6. Oregon Women's Association of Portland from 1970-1977. Other organizations include YWCA Tour Committee from Women's University. At least half of the American school students were Chinese preparing to attend
GSOC Past Presidents 1970-1974
speakers at the Friday night membership meetings during the 1970—1971 year have been Oregon men and women scholarship to the University of California at Santa Barbara by the Portland Women’s Federated Garden Clubs
GSOC Past Presidents 1980-1984
affiliated for many years with the Soroptimist Club and the University Women's Association and fine arts study association of interested women. This group had its inception in 1929 through accepted as a member of the Professional Woman's League- a league of women active in their many
GSOC Past Presidents 1975-1979
. In 1947 she was president of Progressive Business Women's Club and is a charter member of that
GSOC Past Presidents 1990-1994
Colorado, where I majored in biology instead of geology because "women geologists can only teach or look
Board Meeting Notes
may include plate tectonics, women and GSOC, and historically significant lectures that have brought
Janet's Journal: GSOC Mount Hood and Eliot Glacier Field Trip
flash picked them up. Climbers back in the day included women. Note that they're all hanging onto a
GSOC Past Presidents 1945 - 1949
friends, Dr. Freeda 0. Hartzfeld, Dean of Women at Lewis and Clark College, and Dr. Arthur C. Jones were
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