Prez' Eclipse Trip Info for Campers

Sun-viewing glasses provided. They are cardboard with very dark lenses, from

Arrive afternoon or early evening Friday, August 18
Please car pool: parking is limited. Bring "Beautiful America" pass if you are 62+.
Buy Beautiful America lifetime pass before price jumps from $10 to $80.
The plan is to go looking at some geology on Saturday.  One stop needs a NW Forest Pass/Beautiful America.
It would make sense to gas up in Salem. The little stations in Mill City or Detroit might well run dry.  We plan to drive a ways on Saturday.

Dennis Chamberlin's yard: 28222 River Rd SE, Mill City, OR @ 44.753,-122.494 See maps below.
Dennis has brand new knee(s) and is probably on pain meds, so only call him as a last resort: 503-367-9948.
We shall minimize impact IN the house.
The yard has a nice lawn with room for many friendly tents, but we must set up fairly close to each other.  Slumber party?

Plan to jump into the Santiam River to rinse off, but please, no soap in the river.
Not all geology field trips even have available swimming holes.
We are renting two porta-potties.
In the heat of summer and fire season, we will not have any open campfires: Cooking on camp stoves and grill.

Partially potluck community meals: Rik will bring a large quantity of listed basic foods, others supply sides, dessert, drinks.

Food Rik plans to bring:
Friday dinner:  hamburgers on a selection of Dave's Killer bread, onions, catsup, mustard
Saturday dinner:    pasta, meat sauce
Sunday dinner: stone soup? big pot with ground turkey, carrots, potatoes, onion
Breakfasts: 30 dozen eggs, Dave's bread, oatmeal.
Otherwise potluck.

Please contact Rik 503-568-0663 if you have a fairly large portable grill you might bring.  Dennis said his grill has problems, and Rik's hooks up to natural gas.  A hibachi could cook burgers only so fast...
Also contact me if you have a high-output propane stove. Mine can boil a medium pot of water, but I am unsure about community soup.

We are anticipating that the valley will fill up with eclipse viewers on Sunday.
We don't plan to do caravan driving Sunday: there are several nearby things to visit/do however which smaller groups can choose.
No driving planned Monday morning, but afterwards return via hwy 224 for more geology.

Campers should bring:
Tent for privacy and mosquito exclusion. Bedding.
Usual clothes, shoes including good walking shoes.
Swim suit, wet-able shoes for entering river?
Camera. Simple sun-safe glasses provided.
Camp stove. Utensils. Beer, wine, other beverages. Lunch fixin's. Food to share.

Folding chairs and tables would be nice.
Want to float down to Mehama on Sunday? Bring some sort of boat and PFD.

There is room for about 12 cars under the trees as marked.  We may have to park extra cars further away and shuttle. The Chamberlin's own the house near the parking lot too, so any lawn space there is also fair game for a tent.