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Friday Night Lecture Nov 13th

  • Portland State University, Cramer Hall 1721 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97201 US (map)

Dr Nancy Price, Portland State University

Addressing Tectonic Questions from the Perspective of Rheology*

*Rheology: the study of the flow of matter

Dr. Nancy Price, recent faculty addition to Portland State University Department of Geology, will present “Addressing Tectonic Questions from the Perspective of Rheology.” 

There are two ways in which structural geologists look at the formation of mountain belts and transform plate boundaries. The first is to describe the folds and faults as rocks reacting to events, and to study the deformation and mineral growth as a reaction to these events. The second is to study the material properties and deformations of the rock layers as a response to stress fields, and to explain the formation events in terms of these properties. In effect, the strength and deformation behaviors of the rocks control the formation of the mountain belts and fault zones. This is the perspective of rheology. In this lecture, Price will show examples of viewing rocks from a rheological perspective and interpreting tectonic history in this light. 

Join GSOC members at Pizzicato Pizza, 1708 SW 6th Ave., at 6:00 p.m. before the lectures for an informal dinner and conversation.

Free parking is available at Portland State University Friday nights after 5 p.m. in Parking Structure 2 on Broadway Ave. directly across from Cramer Hall, and on level one of Parking Structure 1, bounded by Broadway and 6th Aves. and Harrison and Hall Streets.