Ray Crowe

2000 - RAY CROWE

2000 - RAY CROWE

I have had years of experience with many of the sciences which steered me in the direction of writing a newsletter, the Track Record, and this book combines many of those disciplines. A sample of my interests and memberships should give the reader a brief glimpse of my background: collector of minerals, rocks and fossils, Fellow of the Geological Society of the Oregon Country, Lepidopterists' Society, Oregon Archeological Society, Missoula Floods Chairman, U.S. Weather Bureau, paper mill quality control tech, U.S. Air Force, antique and book shop owner; CRT technician. amateur astronomy, computer programming, Weather Bureau observer, stampand coin collector/dealer,  and Director Western Bigfoot and International BigfootSociety. Hated school, loved reading-antique and used book shop owner, but did complete a year at Portland State University and completed several military courses, some now quite dated like electronics (what is a vacuum tube? Kids ask).or slide rule calculating.

A wonderful wife, Theata, shared many of the fun experiences of chasing butterflies, collecting fossils, or being hostess at a meeting of Bigfoot enthusiasts.

Ray’s 2000 field trip was of the Ice Age Floods as recorded in the geology of eastern Washington.


Sandra Adamson


2002 - Thomas gordon

2002 - Thomas gordon

Thomas Gordon

My interest in geology started as a child. Having been born is Missouri in 1947, and going all over the west growing up, as my father worked as a logger, carpenter, and heavy equipment operator, I saw many different land formations. My parents always made sure we visited the local parks and monuments as we traveled and went on vacation.

Working as a printer, I also got a degree in English from Portland State University, and took several courses in geology along the way. These courses helped me to research, plan, and lead my President's field trip for the Geological Society to Mammoth Lakes, Mono Lake, and Yosemite.

I continue to be interested in geology, never having found a "leverite" yet-(leave that rock where you found it).


Sue Ikeda

No bio is available for Sue Ikeda. Her President’s Field Trip for 2003 explored the Umpqua River Basin and the southern Oregon Coast of Douglas, Coos, and Curry Counties. Heavily featured were the geology of the Tyee and Coaledo Formations.

2003 - SUE IKEDA

2003 - SUE IKEDA

Field trip advisors Carol Hasenberg and Beverly Vogt did a reconnaissance trip and got great information for the trip from Gerry Black, former geologist for the Oregon State Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, Ron Metzger of SWOCC, and a field trip guide entitled “Field Trip Road Log for the Cenozoic Stratigraphy of Coos Bay and Cape Blanco, Southwestern Oregon,” by geologist John M. Armentrout.

Bev was not able to attend the actual field trip so Carol Hasenberg lead the group with additional help from a knowledgeable participant, Guy Di Torrice, then known as Oregon's "Fossil Guy". The itinerary for the trip included stops along the Umpqua River valley, John Dellenbach Dunes trail, Fossil Point in Empire, Oregon, Bastendorff Beach and Sunset Bay near Cape Arago, Shore Acres State Park, Bandon Marsh, Bandon Jetty, Humbug Mountain, Port Orford, and Cape Blanco.

Pictured is Sue Ikeda at the end of the field trip with her trunk full of rocks, and her bumper sticker reads “Have a Gniess Day.” What else?


Clay Kelleher

This was Clay's second presidency of GSOC.  See 1995 for his bio.