Eclipse Trip Schedule


Arrive by late afternoon. Set up camp.
Rik's making burgers for all + potluck.  Socialize.
Short discussion of Saturday's plan.

Early: wake up.  Rik's bringing a big box of eggs.
9 AM:  head up Hwy 22 for geology viewing
6:30 PM or so: return to Dennis's for pasta and meat-sauce + potluck

Expect traffic congestion and crowds.
In smaller groups, explore nearby places such as Niagara Falls, Detroit Dam, Henline Falls, Opal Creek, Sardine Creek, natural arches?  Float down the Santiam to Mehama? Read? Relax?
Turkey-vegetable stew + potluck for dinner.
Board meeting (brief, due to expected lack of quorum).
Evening classroom discussion of celestial mechanics.

9:05:42AMPartial Eclipse begins.  Use solar glasses.
10:17:53AMTotality begins.  Glasses off.
10:19:54AMTotality ends.  Glasses back on.
11:30 AM(approx) Luna invisible again. 
                    Strike camp.  Eat lunch.
12:30 PM East on Hwy 22 (counter-flow) to North on Hwy 224.
                  Geological sight-seeing. 
5 PM (approx) Disperse from Hole-In-The_Wall rapids on the Clackamas River