Rik's G.S.O.C. (Gooey-Seedy-Oatmeal-Cookies) Recipe

Former GSOC President Rik Smoody's Holiday Cookie Recipe

I saw this recipe below open near the mixer and used it as a jumping-off point. I made a quadruple batch: why bother to heat the oven for only 15 cookies?

I used all power flour… high gluten flour which is what I use for pizza dough and brown sugar (and somewhat less than called for). However, I included a dump of cashews with sugar and coconut coating (Wilven [Smoody] and I were experimenting), but the total sugar is still less than what the recipe calls for.

I did not include walnuts. My salt was iodized, not kosher. I also added some cardamom: about the same amount as the cinnamon. And a glug of almond extract.

I went heavy on golden raisins, pumpkin seeds, and oatmeal. I tossed in some other seeds: coarsely ground amaranth and flax -- and whole millet.  The latter are the light-colored spheres which add crunch.  By itself, millet is not exciting, but as crunchy bits, it's good.  And it's cheap.  60 cents/pound at WinCo.  NB: do not settle for bird-seed, even though that often includes a lot of millet. Since I planned to add extra grains, the power flour was a good choice to bind them together.

After dumping in the hot water mixture, I stirred with a very stout wooden spoon.  Eventually I admitted defeat and added an extra splash of hot water. I was then able to finish mixing. I did not find that wetting my hands kept cookie dough from sticking to my palms.  Oh well. After making each batch, I used a tablespoon to scrap my hands clean. Yum.

Do not over-bake. They are good chewy, and there are no eggs nor other ingredients which really need to be cooked.