GSOC December 2018 Board Meeting Notes

In attendance were board members Paul Edison-Lahm, Sheila Alfsen, Dawn Juliano, Carol Hasenberg, Rik Smoody, Bo Nonn, Larry Purchase, and Julia Lanning — as well as member Evelyn Bennett. Minutes of the October 2018 board meeting were approved.


Volunteer Recognition recap: thanks to Paul for organizing this event. The board recommends a redo for next year. We discussed the need for a better connection between the board and club volunteers.

Earthquake Committee:

  • Chinese Delegation recap: Sheila receive help from Scott Burns, Bill Burgel, and Larry Koten. Net fees to GSOC were $1500 less expenses.

  • OSSPAC meetings: Bill Burgel will be attending and updating us on state policy.

  • Yumei Wang lecture (see below).

Friday night lectures

  • Audio system – the board is taking steps to improve the quality of the audio system.

  • Upcoming speakers (Sheila) Speakers have been lined up through June.

  • Yumei Wang Le Val Lund Lecture (November 8, 2019) “Earthquakes, Disasters, and Resilience.” We will be co-hosting Yumei Wang’s award-winning lecture with the PSU Geology Department.

  • Nikki Miller is our new snack coordinator for our Friday night meetings. Big thanks to Marty Muncie for performing these duties for so long!

Field Trips and Other Events

  • Mary’s Peak/Coast Range Trip: Sheila and Melanie Klym are working on this one-day trip. Board recommends a date in early July.

  • Wallowas Trip June 19-24: Carol, Julia, and Evelyn Bennett are on the trip committee. The board discussed including a group campsite and Wednesday meeting space in fee structure.

  • Metro trips Downtown (May, Oct), Eastside Bike (June 29), Johnson Creek (Sept.) (Paul): are all a go for 2019.

  • John Day raft trip: Board is currently exploring a geology and rafting trip down the John Day River in May. Decision whether to do this trip as a GSOC event in 2019 will happen in February.

  • Lewis River: Rik to determine date. Trip will be a one-day event.

GSA Cordillera 2019: Tabled for next meeting.

Other Old and New Business

Treasurer's Report was submitted by Dawn and approved by board.

Nomination Committee: the following slate of officers has been selected by this year’s nominating committee:

  • President - Sheila Alfsen

  • VP - Dennis Chamberlin

  • Secretary - Barbara Stroud

  • Treasurer - Dawn Juliano

  • Director, 1 year - Carol Hasenberg

  • Director, 2 years - Megan Faust

  • Director, 3 years - Julia Lanning

Nominations are closed for this year’s slate of officers. The slate of officers will be voted on and approved at the February monthly meeting. The Nominating Committee members were Paul Edison-Lahm, Dawn Juliano, and Larry Purchase. Our thanks to the selected members and members of the Nominating Committee!

Next board meeting will be on February 9, 2019, 10:00 a.m. at Paul’s house.

Notes compiled by GSOC Secretary Carol Hasenberg.