In Memorium

Two notable GSOC members have died recently, Walter Allen Sunderland and Ralph Eugene Pratt.  Walt was the 1990 GSOC President and Ralph was very active in the club for many years.

Ralph Pratt died June 5th, just a few hours after celebrating his 90th birthday. He was a gentle soul who enjoyed coffee, beer, folk dancing, liberal politics and the wonders of his native state Oregon. He served in the navy during WWII, and was married in 1953. His wife of 62 years, GSOC Past President Evelyn Pratt, survives him, as well as 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren.

Walt Sunderland died June 15th of this year at age 85. He was a pediatric physician and was on the faculty at Oregon Health & Sciences University. His obituary listed his many interests which included doing the New York Times crossword puzzles in ink, the Oregon Shell Club, the Geological Society of the Oregon Country and compiling a lexicon of malacology (seashell) terms.