GSOC Board Meeting Notes: April 2019

President Sheila Alfsen called the meeting to order at Barbara Stroud’s home. Other board members in attendance constituting quorum were Barbara Stroud, Dawn Juliano, Rik Smoody, Megan Faust, Julia Lanning, Paul Edison-Lahm, and Denny Chamberlin. Also in attendance was Evelyn Bennett. Minutes of the February 2019 board meeting were approved.


Friday night lectures

Audio system – we will be requiring future speakers to use the microphone we purchased as some people had trouble hearing the speaker at the last meeting.

Holiday Party and Our Year in the Field – after much discussion, there was no consensus on when to do the Year presentation, during the party, have a regular December meeting and do it then, or do it as the January meeting presentation. We did vote to form a committee and ask for volunteers to find a place and recommend a structure for the holiday party as we need a bigger venue.

Speakers for May, June and July lectures have been arranged.

Yumei Wang Le Val Lund Lecture (November 8, 2019) “Earthquakes, Disasters, and Resilience”. Plans are continuing for this event.

Field Trips and Other Events

Wallowas Trip, June 19-24: The registration phase of the trip has been completed and the trip is full. There is a waiting list. Trip reconnaissance will happen in mid-May.

Mary’s Peak/Coast Range Trip, July 13-14: Sheila would like to do a 30-minute pre-lecture to the attendees, time TBA.

Metro trips: Downtown (June 1, Oct), Eastside Bike (June 29), Johnson Creek (Sept 28) (Paul): Trip registration has commenced for the June 1 Downtown trip and the June 29 Eastside bike trip. The bike trip is full.

Lewis River: Rik determined a date for this one-day trip to be August 17.

Other Events

Annual Picnic: Date has been changed to August 4 and the venue will be Hagg Lake.

GSA Cordillera Meeting May 15-17, 2019; Sheila will be presenting on Puerto Rico at the AWG breakfast May 17. GSOC will have a table at the meeting manned by several of the attendees.


Treasurer's Report submitted by Dawn and approved by board.

There are quite a few members who have not paid their dues for 2019. Please recall that membership dues payments are due on January 1 for 2019 no matter when you’ve paid the previous year.

New Meetings. GSOC has expanded somewhat in the past couple of years, and more activities are being discussed and planned. To facilitate this activity, GSOC is adding an informal meeting of the past and present board members sometime around mid-month on most of the odd months. An email will be circulated prior to these meetings.

There are also meetings planned for the Meetup GSOC attendees, and in general, these will be on the 4th Saturday of most months at 2 pm. Sign up online with Meetup to receive the announcements. Meetup is a social media platform used for posting local activities, and it has helped to introduce a lot of people to GSOC and Oregon geology. Questions about signing up can be referred to Paul Edison-Lahm.

Next board meeting will be on June 15, 2019, 10:00 a.m. at Barbara Stroud’s house.

Notes compiled by Carol Hasenberg from minutes written by GSOC Secretary Barbara Stroud.