Board Meeting Notes: October 2017

President Rik Smoody called the meeting to order at the home of Marty Muncie. Other board members in attendance constituting quorum were Dawn Juliano, Sheila Alfsen, Marty Muncie, Bo Nonn, and Janet Rasmussen. Also in attendance was GSOC member Dave Olcott. The minutes of the August 21, 2017, board meeting were approved. The Treasurer’s report was approved.  


Friday night lectures 

Members are encouraged to wear their name tags to Pizzicato and introduce yourselves to unfamiliar folks who may be new members or from MeetUp.

Sheila has speakers lined up for the next several talks. In November, Leslie Moclock of the Rice Museum will speak.

The board discussed strategies for purchasing a new digital projector.

Board discussed problems encountered getting the PA system to work at the October meeting. VP should set up talk early in evening while PSU’s AV team is still available (before 7 pm).

Marty reported that she has snacks lined up for the November meeting.

Field Trips 

Quarry trip was satisfactory. There were about 20 participants.

Downtown Building Stone Tour led by Paul and Cris Morgante, also about 20 participants and very pleasant. There are photos on GeoSociety Facebook page.

Eclipse Trip: Camping facilities were superb, Denny enjoyed hosting, the traffic was not as bad as expected.

Paul’s Johnson Creek Science Pub at Eagle Eye Tavern was also a success with about 50 people in attendance.

Helicopter Tour: Eight people attended, as some had to cancel last minute! The venue was good, and has a small theater. Sheila and the board would be interested in a repeat of this offering next year, perhaps July or August, and maybe adding a small amount to cost for GSOC.


Holiday Party

The party date is set for Carol Hasenberg's on SATURDAY, December 16, 2017 

Annual Banquet

Members voted to return to Ernesto’s for the 2018 GSOC Annual Banquet. Dawn has made a reservation for March 11. Janet will prepare place cards using photos from the Eclipse in place of rocks. Wes Mahan offered to do the programs. Rik will confirm speaker Ellen Morris Bishop and find a MC for the event. 

Nominating Committee

All discussed the need for new officers, particularly a president. Sheila doesn’t want to be president but will continue as VP if approved. Nominating committee names have yet to be determined. 

PSU Scholarship

Dawn can send our usual scholarship of $1000. Sheila offered to write a letter of appreciation to the Geology Dept. secretary who reserves our lecture room for us. 

Bylaws proposal

The Board voted to approve the change in Bylaws to replace “junior member” with “student member”, and those student members would be anyone of any age attending school, including college. 

They may have voting privileges. It would be reasonable that members under 18 NOT have voting privileges, however. 

Upcoming Field Trips

Idaho trip: Dave Olcott brought a well-documented proposal for an Idaho trip in early June. We were all very enthusiastic. He has excellent leaders chosen, and the trip would run from June 2-8. It would include cultural as well as geological history, volcanics, fossils, a quartzite mine, and the fabled City of Rocks in SE Idaho, and a possible rafting trip. 

Camp Hancock: many members expressed enthusiasm for a trip to the John Day Fossil Beds area to include the Condon Museum, Blue Basin and many other fascinating features of this area. Need leader, organizer, and logistics person to make this happen. 

Next board meeting will be at Carol Hasenberg’s at 4:00 p.m., December 16, prior to the Holiday Party. 

Notes compiled by Carol Hasenberg.