Fossil and Erratic Sites Discovered on Our Annual Picnic

1. Tualatin Library – Mastodon mounted bones, NARG tusk, Woodburn and other fossils located inside. 

2. Tualatin River Greenway Path – The ¾ mile newly completed trail exhibits casts of fossils, erratic rocks, and each step represents 25 years of geologic time. 

3. Heritage Center – Showing 10 and 2.5 ton flood erratics in front. A group of Tualatin’s erratic rocks and other fossils are also displayed inside. The center is open M-F 10-2. 

4. Mastodon Bronze Sculpture – and small bronze boy outside the SW corner of Cabela’s. 

5. Cabela’s – Fossil casts are located inside sporting goods store, at the entrance and center back. 

6. Mastodon discovery site – Located near the southwest edge of the Fred Meyer parking lot in blackberries, next to Nyberg Creek. Discovered in 1962. 

7. Sweek Pond – Short optional art walk.