Board Meeting Notes

December 13, 2014

President Sheila Alfsen called the meeting to the home of Rosemary Kenney. Other board members in attendance constituting quorum were Janet Rasmussen, Dawn Juliano, Paul Edison-Lahm, Bev Vogt, Marty Muncie, and Bo Nonn. Also in attendance was GSOC member Bart Bartels. The minutes of the October 11, 2014 board meeting were approved with a correction to the date.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report was approved. Friday night door “boxite” donations have garnered $152 so far after three meetings.


Friday night lectures.

Janet has commitments for Friday night lecture from Dr. Bill Orr (January) on the evolution of wings, and Dr. Scott Burns (February) on Mt. Lassen. Possibilities for addressing the need for a larger room were discussed, including working with the Portland State Geology department to allow our lectures to be assigned for credit. Snack committee: Marty has signed up enough volunteers through February. Dawn and Sheila will help with setup February while Marty is out that month.

Field Trips

Downtown Geology field trip: Paul hasn’t decided when he will be able to plan this trip, so planning was tabled for the moment, but he reports that Tara, Rik, Clay, and Sheila have expressed interest in being guides. Sheila will contact the “Children at Home in Wild” (Volunteers of America) program about doing the field trip for students in that program. (Bo will also make a short presentation at a meeting on the “Children at Home in the Wild” field trip that he and Sheila participated in this summer.)

President’s Field Trip to Steens Mountain (Janet): Field Trip dates are Sept. 9th – 13th, with 9th & 13th being travel days. Reservations can be made now at the Steens Mountain Resort. Paul will put this up on the website.

The Holiday Party was successful. People loved having it at Carol’s house (thank you Carol!) and it was nice having the music scheduled at the beginning of the event.

Annual banquet: Dr. Tanya Atwater is confirmed as our keynote speaker at the annual banquet, Sunday, March 8th, where she will discuss her role in the development of plate tectonics. She will give an additional lecture on March 9th with PSU — which may pick up the cost of her hotel. The board voted to cover Dr. Atwater’s airfare from Santa Barbara (approximately $360), any additional transportation costs and her $100 honorarium. Ticket prices will be increased to $30 to cover airfare. We will also need to reserve two rooms at Ernesto’s to accommodate additional attendance.

Sheila will put together a poster and send to local organizations such as CVO and DOGAMI. Dawn & Carol will write up the announcement.

80th Birthday Activities

Bo, Sheila and Paul have volunteered to produce articles on GSOC’s 80th birthday for the website/newsletter. Topics may include plate tectonics, women and GSOC, and historically significant lectures that have brought in new members. Any additional suggestions for articles are welcome!

Old and New Business

Nomination Committee: Nominations are closed and will be announced at the January meeting and accepted by motion for adoption at the February meeting. The nominations are Janet for President, Bo for Vice-President, Dawn for Treasurer, Paul for Secretary, Kirben Smoody for Director (1 yr.), Marty for Director (2 yr.), and Larry Purchase for Director (3 yr.).

GSOC Business Cards: Anne O’Neill will put together a GSOC business card to hand out on field trips. Sheila will edit and the Board will review and cover costs.

Announcements: Fossil Fest is February 21st., 2015. Janet may be organizing a get-together again for GSOC members who want to meet up.

Next board meeting is 10:00 a.m., February 14th, 2015 at Rosemary Kenney’s house.

Notes compiled from board meeting minutes submitted by GSOC Secretary Paul Edison-Lahm.