Board Meeting Notes

December 2, 2016

President Bo Nonn called the meeting to order at the home of Carol Hasenberg. Board members present constituting quorum were Rik Smoody, Dawn Juliano,  Paul Edison-Lahm, Marty Muncie, Larry Purchase, Janet Rasmussen, and Sheila Alfsen. The minutes from our October and August meetings were approved. 

Treasurer’s Report: (Dawn) The treasurer’s report was approved. PSU received our $1000 scholarship check and sent us back a thank you. Dawn will be talking to a potential auditor for our books. Also Paul will research the requirements for our Annual Meeting.  


Friday night lectures
Sheila will contact the Geology Department to see if there's anything can be done to improve the parking situation. Rik is looking for a January speaker. Marty is looking for snack committee volunteers for the January meeting. 

Field Trips 
President’s Trip Recap: Bo will be making more guides for people who want them. 

St. Helens Helicopter Tour recap: (Sheila) Trip got a very good response (16 people) but the trip was cancelled due to weather. Sheila will schedule the tour again for better weather next July. 

Downtown Tour recap (North Tour): (Paul) We now have both a North and South tour that we can schedule for both spring and fall of 2017. Cris Morgante did a great job soloing on his first tour. Paul will work on a producing field guide for the library for GSOC members over the next year. Also, Sheila will be picking a time in June for her Salem building tour. 
2017 Eclipse Trip: Rik is looking for a location within the path of totality, perhaps near Mill City. 


Nomination Committee
Nominating Committee: (Bo, Larry, Paul) The slate of officers for 2017 is as follows: 

Rik – President
Sheila – Vice-President
Dawn – Treasurer
Paul – Secretary
Marty – Director in third year
Larry – Director in second year
Carol – Director in first year
Janet – Past President
Bo – Past President

Communications Report: Paul distributed a communications report detailing all of our current GSOC online tools (Squarespace, Mailchimp, etc.) which board members will read and discuss at our next meeting. 

Member Database: Janet will be doing to data entry for our membership, but we need to clean up the existing Google spreadsheet and look at using an actual database to handle spouses/family members. Rik, Dawn, Janet, Paul and Peregrine Edison-Lahm will meet in January to discuss low-cost cloud-based database solutions. 

Next board meeting at February 11th 2017, 10:00 a.m. Larry will confirm with Rosemary for location. 

Notes compiled from board meeting minutes submitted by GSOC Secretary Paul Edison-Lahm.