Board Meeting Notes - February 14, 2015


President Sheila Alfsen called the meeting to the home of Rosemary Kenney. Other board members in attendance constituting quorum were Paul Edison-Lahm, Marty Muncie, Bev Vogt, Bo Nonn, and John Piccinnini. Also in attendance was GSOC member Bart Bartels, and Directors-elect Kirben Smoody and Larry Purchase. The minutes of the December 13th, 2014 board meeting were approved. The Treasurer’s report was approved by the board. 


Friday Night Lectures: Bo will be lining up speakers for Friday night lectures starting in April. Sheila is working with PSU on possibility of a seminar credit for PSU students who attend lectures. Pizzicato needs to be reminded of our Friday night meetings in order to reserve a section for us. (Bev will ask Janet for their email.) 

Snack committee: Marty has volunteers for April and May, and needs volunteers for June. 

Field Trips 

Downtown Geology field trip: Tour guides for this year include Rik, Clay, Tara, Cris Morgante, Larry, Barbara and Paul. The tour format will be similar to that of two years ago. Paul will update the printed guide and put it online. The board suggested that the trip be scheduled for late August. 

President’s Field Trip to Steens Mountain: Field Trip dates are Sept. 8th – 13th. Bev will check with Janet about lodging availability. PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE FROM EARLIER ANNOUNCEMENTS 

Mt. Hood Field Trip: Larry will be planning the trip for July 11-12th and will plan a preliminary trip as soon as the access road is opened. An accompanying Friday night lecture may be planned as well. 

Annual Picnic scheduled for August 2nd. John will reserve our spot at Guy Talbot State Park. 

Annual banquet: Forty-one people have signed up for banquet so far. Dawn has reserved two rooms at Ernesto’s for the banquet. Students will meet with Dr. Atwater at PSU afterwards. Students are eligible for discounted rate ($26) that is calculated to cover their costs for the banquet room and meal only. Paul will announce the banquet by Facebook, Twitter, and email one week prior to the February 28th deadline. 

80th Birthday Activities: Our online archive of newsletters is now completely searchable back to 1935. Bev, Rosemary and Sheila will be working on an article on geologist and GSOC member Margaret Steere. Paul will be reposting Viola Oberson’s 1979 Ore Bin article on Lon Hancock with an updated bio by her daughter Mary Lou Oberson. We have also completed the GSOC president’s history bios through 1990 on the website. 

Old and New Business 

The board voted to designate Sheila as Public Outreach Coordinator. This will be publicized on the website. Sheila may be coordinating the Kids in the Wild program again or planning a Downtown Geology Tour for highschool students. 

New members: The board would like to continue to receive the email notification of our new members that Paul has been sending out. As long as these emails are going out to board members only, they may include publically available member photos. In the future, we may want to ask members if they consent to having their information and/or photo in an online directory of GSOC members. Paul will send membership list to out to the board. Sheila will continue to meet and greet new members at our Friday night meetings as part of her Outreach Coordinator duties. 

GSOC Business Cards: Anne O’Neill has put together a draft of the business card. Sheila will contact her. 

Director-elect Kirben Smoody was welcomed to the board. 

Next board meeting is 10:00 a.m., April 11th, 2015, at Rosemary Kenney’s house. 

Notes compiled from board meeting minutes submitted by GSOC Secretary Paul Edison-Lahm.