GSOC Board Meeting Notes August 12, 2018

Board members Paul Edison-Lahm, Sheila Alfsen, Rik Smoody, Dawn Juliano, Larry Purchase, Bo Nonn and Megan Faust were in attendance at the Rice NW Museum of Rocks and Minerals constituting quorum. Marty Muncie and Dave Olcott also attended the meeting.


Friday night lectures

Vice President Sheila Alfsen reported the following upcoming speakers:

• Today’s Picnic, Nick Famoso — John Day Fossils

• Sept: Bill Orr — Extinctions

• Oct: Jim O'Connor — Bonneville Flood

• Nov: Bill Burgel — Earthquake Early Warning Systems

• Dec: Holiday Party

• March 2019 banquet: Ian Madin of DOGAMI

Paul brought in the newly purchased Epsom Pro EX9220 projector. Sheila will use it for the Mt. St. Helen’s field trip on Saturday August 12, and the AWG field trip in September. Thanks to Rik for doing the research and purchasing of the projector!

Field Trips and Other Events

The East Bank Bike Tour (June 23) went very well. The next annual tour will be scheduled for the same Saturday as the annual Portland Naked Bike Ride in June 2019.

August 12 - Annual Picnic (August 12) was at the Rice Museum in Hillsboro. We gave $500 to the Museum for the use of their grounds today and a one-year membership for all GSOC members. A $10 Fee was assessed for the picnic to pay for the membership, plus attendees got to hear an excellent talk from Dr. Nick Famoso, USNPS Chief of Paleontology at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. GSOC also paid for Famoso’s Aug 11th stay at the Larkspur Landing in Hillsboro. Attendance was outstanding.

August 18 - Mt St. Helens helicopter tour. 23 people participated in the helicopter rides, presentations on the 1980 eruption by Sheila Alfsen and the cultural history of the volcano by Nathan Reynolds of the Cowlitz tribe, picnicking and exploring the area of the Toutle River. The weather and smoke conditions were favorable for great visibility and a wonderful tour! Plans are in the works for another tour next year.

September 14 - 16 President’s Camp Hancock field trip is full. Nick Famoso, Bill Orr and Karyn Patridge will be speakers. Carol is assisting with carpooling, Barbara with accommodating participants’ needs. Bo & Sheila are assisting with logistics, and Julia is our photographer. Rik suggested that people hike the trails during the daylight, so they know what to expect on the night hikes for star gazing. Some participants are planning to overnight in Mitchell on Sunday and stay until Monday.

The Rose City Astronomers had new member orientation on Monday, August 20th, at the OMSI planetarium to give an overview of what to see and do at a star party. Several GSOC members who are participating in the Camp Hancock trip attended.

Sept. 29: Johnson Creek Watershed Tour is still in the planning.

Oct. 6 - Downtown Ancient Walls South Tour

June 2019 Wallowa trip – Board discussed the possibility of a Wallowa trip to be tentatively scheduled for June 2019. Committee consists of Julia Lanning, Carol Hasenberg, Kimberly McCreedy, and Evelyn Bennett.

Possible other 2019 trips: Salem/ U. of Oregon Condon Collection/ Mary’s Peak/ Coast Range/ Clackamas River tour.

Annual Banquet: The board discussed some possible alternates to the Monarch; however, they would raise the ticket price to $40 or more. The Monarch Hotel is still tentatively booked for March 10, 2019.

The board still plans to continue the search for a more ideal banquet venue.

GSA Cordillera 2019: GSA Cordillera 2019: Convention will be in Portland in May 2019. We are investigating the possibilities of GSOC members attending and GSOC having an exhibit.

Other Old and New Business

Treasurer's Report submitted by Dawn and approved by board.

GSOC Mugs – Oops! Not all the GSOC mugs have been sold as reported last issue. The club will be selling them at $5 each at the picnic and other events.

Membership Roster: Board approved modifying the general membership roster to include names, phone and e-mails, but not street addresses. The general membership roster is available only to paid members with a password.

Earthquake Preparedness Committee: The ad hoc Earthquake Preparedness Committee met for the first time this month with Sheila, Paul, and Bill Burgel. Sheila will be adding this topic to the speaker’s bureau as part of the GSOC outreach program. The committee will also be reaching out to community partners, including the local Neighborhood Emergency Teams, and will meet again prior to our next Friday lecture at 5:00 p.m. Friday, September 21.

Next GSOC Board Meeting will be on October 13, 2018, 10:00 a.m. Location TBA.

Notes compiled by GSOC Secretary Carol Hasenberg from minutes taken by Dawn Juliano.