Board Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order at the home of Bev Vogt and Bart Bartels. Vice-president Janet Rasmussen chaired the meeting in President Sheila Alfsen’s absence. Board members in attendance constituting quorum were Janet, Dawn Juliano, Paul Edison-Lahm, Bev Vogt, Bo Nonn, Marty Muncie, and John Piccininni. Also in attendance were GSOC members Dave Olcott, Larry Purchase, Bart Bartels, Carol Hasenberg, and Tara Schoffstall. The minutes of the April 12, 2014 board meeting were approved. 

Treasurer’s Report 

The Treasurer’s report was approved. 

Dean Garwood contributed his $100 from GSOC to the University of Idaho Foundation in GSOC’s name. We thank him very much! 

Dawn presented this year’s projected budget to the board. She notes that dues are down this year. Possible ways to increase revenue were discussed, including increasing membership fees, increasing field trip fees, taking donations at the Friday night lectures, accepting membership payments online, and using email to remind members to renew. Paul will send email reminders to members who have not yet paid their dues. 


Friday Night Lectures 

Janet has commitments from speakers for upcoming lectures through the end of the year (with dates TBA). Janet will now be scheduling a speaker for September also. Dr. Adam Booth is scheduled to speak in October. The Board decided to request a $3 donation at the door. (This will be free for students.) 

Snacks. The new donations are intended in part to cover the cost of the after-lecture snacks. Marty will be recruiting new members to do snacks – September and November positions have been filled. 

Annual Picnic 

The annual potluck picnic will be held at Guy Talbot State Park on August 17th at noon, preceded by the board meeting at 10:00 a.m. Last year’s potluck assignment by last-name will be shuffled for posting on the website. 

Lewiston field trip recap 

To cover costs, people purchasing the field trip guide without going on the field trip were charged the full field trip price. 

Field Trip Planning 

Registration forms will need to go into the newsletter and could also be submitted online in the future. The Geological Newsletter -21- July/August 2014 


President’s Field Trip 

Most recent itinerary information is on the website. Sheila has not set a fee or a participant cap yet. 

Mt. Hood Trip 

Larry submitted a draft of the Mt. Hood field trip info and registration. (Flyer is attached to this newsletter). Participants have been warned in the registration form that adequate vehicle clearance is required for driving on Cloud Cap Inn Road. The trip fee will be increased to $40 for the first day and $60 for both days. 

Celebrating our 80th birthday 

To commemorate our 80th birthday, Sheila is investigating getting a prominent geologist to speak at the annual banquet, although cost is a concern here. Other ideas include: posting “80 years ago today” excerpts from the newsletters, posting information about past presidents which have been added to the website; scanning and posting old photos, having an historical theme for next year’s picnic, and connecting with the Oregon Historical Society. 

Old and New Business 

Media Technology Committee; 

Recognition was given to Paul for setting up the Squarespace website. The board approved paying for the Squarespace website at the $16/month rate [for an annual cost of $192]. 

Library committee and scanning of President volumes 

Janet will contact our recent Presidents who have not yet submitted their bios. 

Newsletter scanning 

The board approved scanning the remaining two boxes of newsletters from 1935 to 1989. 

PSU Student Liaison 

Janet will explore this issue further. 

Benefactor appreciation 

The board approved the purchase and engraving of a rock hammer for appreciation of an anonymous benefactor. 


Larry called our attention to an upcoming Oregon Experience on “Quest for First People” which replays tomorrow (6/22/14) 8:00 p.m on OPB. 

Larry will provide Paul with information for posting about NARG’s July Wallowa Mountain field trip. 

Next board meeting, 

The next board meeting will be held before the annual picnic at 10:00 a.m., Aug. 17th at Guy Talbot State Park. 

Notes compiled from board meeting minutes submitted by GSOC Secretary Paul Edison-Lahm