Volunteer Opportunity: Summer Geology Program with Children Ages 7-13.

Interested in sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge about Geology this summer?

Kids at Home in the Wild is a summer program in the Portland area that is seeking interested people to share their knowledge with school age children ages 7-13. They want to show children the rock cycle with rock specimens and lead small groups (3-12) on afternoon field trips. 

Sheila Alfsen will coordinate the effort, lead the formal educational portion, and lay out possible field trips. All you would need to do is be available to share your time and enthusiasm. 

The Kids at Home in the Wild project is coordinated through Volunteers of America Oregon. VOA assume responsibility, so GSOC or GSOC  members would not be held liable in case of an accident. Kids will be chaperoned on field trips by a ratio of no more than 5 children to one adult. There will be at least one VOA worker on each trip.

If you are interested in participating or have questions, email Sheila or call at 503-939-6003.