GSOC Board Meeting Notes October 13, 2018

In attendance board members Paul Edison-Lahm, Sheila Alfsen, Dawn Juliano, Carol Hasenberg, Rik Smoody, Larry Purchase, Julia Lanning. Also Wenonah Purchase, Barbara Smoody, Dave Olcott. Minutes of the August 2018 board meeting were approved.

The GSOC 2018 Nominating Committee was formed with members Dawn Juliano, Paul Edison-Lahm, Larry Purchase.

Board positions for next year have been examined and most positions have been requested for nomination by current board members. Open positions are Vice President and Secretary.


Friday night lectures

Vice President Sheila Alfsen reported the following upcoming speakers:

• Nov: Bill Orr- Extinctions

• Dec: Holiday Party

• Jan 2019: Field trip recaps

• Feb 2019: Mike Cummings

• March 2019 banquet: Ian Madin of DOGAMI

• May 2019: Seth Moran from USGS will be talking about Hawaiian eruptions

Field Trips and Other Events


August 18: Mt. St. Helens Helicopter Tour (Sheila), trip went well, nice presentations and flights. Maybe redo in 2 years.

Sept. 14-16: Camp Hancock Trip, great trip! Paul and everyone else had fun. Made connections with OMSI, NPS, RCA, COGS on the trip.

Sept. 29: Johnson Creek Tour (Paul), Melanie Klym and Matt Brunengo were great and both want to redo trip next September. Melanie obtained a sponsorship from Geoengineers for the transport.

October 6: Downtown South Tour Cris Morgante did a great job!


Wallowas Trip (Carol, Julia, Evelyn, Kim) mid- to late June 2019, 4 days plus travel to and fro, total 6 days. Trip committee submitted a preliminary draft in August which the committee will flesh out in the next 2 months.

Mary’s Peak/Coast Range (Sheila, Clay, Melanie Klym), June or July 2019, probably a day trip from PDX. New interesting roadwork projects have opened up new geology. Wildflowers fantastic in early June.

Clackamas River Basin (Paul) will not do this in 2019, will be planning it for a later year.

Volunteer Recognition Event (Paul) Lucky Lab on Hawthorne, Saturday November 17, 2-4 pm. GSOC will provide venue, audio visual, and snacks. Agenda will include fellowship, recognition of volunteer work, announcement of available board/volunteer positions, announcement of opportunities to help with field trips. Speeches will be brief.

Earthquake Preparedness & Chinese Delegation (Sheila). For the GSOC presentation to delegates from the state Dept of China, Sheila has planned a focus which is academic in character. Scott Burns will be joining her, a room at PSU has been secured, and several others plan to help, including Larry Kotan and Bill Burgel.

Annual Banquet: Tabled for next meeting.

GSA Cordillera 2019: Tabled for next meeting.

Other Old and New Business

Treasurer's Report submitted by Dawn and approved by board.

Field Trip Budget Guidelines written by Secretary Carol were adopted. This is a document to clarify the club’s positions on field trip financial planning and provide information for future field trip planners.

COGS Sister Club relationship: On the Camp Hancock trip we had a congenial meeting, and we would like to develop a joint field trip every year.

Next GSOC Board Meeting will be on December 15, 2018, 10:00 a.m. Location Carol’s house.

Notes compiled by GSOC Secretary Carol Hasenberg.