Board Meeting Notes October 2015

President Janet Rasmussen called the meeting to order at the home of Rosemary Kenney. Other board members in attendance were Bo Nonn, Dawn Juliano, Paul Edison-Lahm, Kirben Smoody, Marty Muncie, Larry Purchase, Sheila Alfsen, and John Piccinnini, constituting quorum. Also in attendance were Rosemary Kenney, Carol Hasenberg, Dave Olcott, and Doug Rasmussen. The minutes of the August 2nd, 2015 board meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Dawn reports that as of October 10, 2015, our bank balance is above average because we’ve had a good year with field trip revenues and Friday night lecture donations.


Friday night lectures: Last night’s lecture with Dr. Marli Miller was a near record with 116 attendees, many of whom were attending from seeing the announcement in the social media Meetup, with $120 received in donations.

Snack committee: Thanks to Bev Vogt, Bart Bartels, Carolyn Powers and Kyle Dittmer who brought snacks last night. Marty needs more sign- ups for after January.

Upcoming speakers include Dr. Nancy Price, Ashley Streig and Kyle Dittmer on Nicolas Steno.

Hosting by PSU: We are continuing to explore ways to strengthen our ties with PSU Geology Department and benefits which we can give to the department through their hosting of our meetings. We will be increasing our yearly scholarship contribution to PSU from $800 to $1000.

Field Trips

Downtown Geology Tour recap: Paul reports that the trip went very well with 50 people attending. We will plan to do the trip again in August 2016. Tours of Vancouver (WA) and Salem building stone may also be in the offing.

President's field trip recap: Janet reports that it was agreat trip with 34 people attending! She would however set a maximum of 24 if she does this trip again in several years. It helped to have options for lodging (including a tent with a live mouse under it) however we might offer the option of more “luxury” accommodations in the future.

Portland by Bus, Tram, & Trolley recap: Sheila reports that attendance was low, in part because of poor advertising, and the sites are a little underwhelming for the average person; plus there were some unexpected problems with access to sites. However, with some modifications we definitely should do this trip again next year. Special thanks to Clay for his invaluable contribution and setting up our meeting with former GSOC president Evelyn Pratt at the CRB’s at Terwilliger Plaza.

Community Outreach/PSU: Kirben has been liaising with CORIBA officers; Janet offered to help with a presentation on GSOC to CORIBA. Sheila is liaising with PSU’s AEG chapter and has also been handling numerous requests for school talks. She will be returning for a third talk at Courtyard Village, this time on subduction earthquakes. She also recently attended an important and fascinating symposium given by NWEA on earthquake preparedness.

Holiday Party: Carol has offered her home for the 2015 GSOC Holiday Party location to be held Friday, December 4. GSOC party organizers promise to bring dishes, silverware, and cups this year.

Annual Banquet: the date for the banquet was set by the Board for Sunday, March 13, 2016. Janet is considering speaker possibilities.

Old and New Business

DOGAMI materials: Larry has accepted thirteen boxes of historical materials from DOGAMI and there are seven more boxes of text books to come.

Nomination Committee: Janet appointed Carol, Paul and herself to the Nomination committee and possible board recruits were discussed.

GSOC Business Cards: Paul will submit a draft to the Board using an image from our field trips and Anne O’Neill’s text.

Mt. Tabor brochure: Carol & Sheila finished the brochure content and it has been published by the Friends of Mt. Tabor. Paul will adapt this content for the website.

Membership Issues: Janet will send membership cards and acknowledgment of new members by actual mail. We will also email notifications of membership expiration. Paul will add family members to online membership form.

Media Committee: Paul will meet with Carol to discuss forming a Media Committee to address archiving issues and work flow between the newsletter, website, and other social media.

Next board meeting will be at 10:00 a.m., Saturday December 5th, location TBA.

Notes compiled from board meeting minutes submitted by Secretary Paul Edison-Lahm.