GSOC Board Meeting Notes June 2019

President Sheila Alfsen called the meeting to order at Barbara Stroud’s home. Other board members in attendance constituting quorum were Barbara Stroud, Dawn Juliano, Rik Smoody, Paul Edison-Lahm, and Carol Hasenberg, constituting quorum. Also in attendance was Evelyn Bennett. Minutes of the April 2019 board meeting were approved.


Friday night lectures

Holiday Party and Our Year in the Field: We voted and unanimously approved doing music, the Year in the Field, and a potluck at Christmas. GSOC has been given a $500 anonymous donation to pay for the event. Paul is looking into Woodstock Wine and Deli as the venue. Other considerations were discussed but this sounded the best.

The Board approved buying a screen to go along with the projector; its width should be at least 8’. We will need this for the picnic.


Sheila reported that the Cordilleran meeting was a success in finding potential speakers.

Sept 13th – Nick Zentner will speak on Supervolcanoes of the Pacific NW.  Due to Nick’s popularity (2 minute Geology and Nick on the Rocks), a bigger venue would be nice.  Cramer Hall 53 holds 160 people. The board is working on possible other venues.

Oct 11th – Speakers have been suggested and are being researched.

Yumei Wang Le Val Lund Lecture (November 8, 2019) “Earthquakes, Disasters, and Resilience”. The lecture is on course for November with a larger room (200 seat venue), the speaker, and a panel for discussion.

Field Trips and Other Events


Mary’s Peak/Coast Range Trip, July 13-14: Fee was finalized at $45. Determined that the pre-lecture would be July 12th at 6:30, before the regular meeting in CH 53.

Metro trips: Johnson Creek (Sept 28) (Paul): Plans in progress. Registration will open August 23. Downtown North (October 5).

Lewis River: August 17. Board developed a budget and set fee of $20 per participant, including funding a printed guide for this trip. Specific concern is the limited parking, so trip will be limited to 10 cars and 35 participants. It was suggested that we designate a meeting place for all drivers for carpooling purposes. Mileage will be approximately 120 for the trip, and there will be about 2 or 3 miles of hiking involved. Exact location will be emailed to the participants. Registration will open July 12.

Mt Tabor and Buttes: Sunday July 28, 9:00am – 12 pm. Meet in the Mt. Tabor north parking lot by the cinder cone amphitheater.

Mt. St. Helens Helicopter trip: If the trip gets off the ground (organizationally speaking), it will fly on August 10. Keep tuned to the website for more information.

Mt. Hood Faults: Next year.

Tourmaline Hunting: Next year?

Other possible trips for 2020 are Clackamas River Canyon, John Day Rafting, and Clackamette Park.


Annual Picnic: Hagg Lake, August 4, 12-2:30. Bill Orr will speak about new developments in his books Pacific NW Geology and The Willamette Valley: An Environmental History.” Books will be for sale at the picnic. Parking $7 per car. Donations of $10 per head are requested. Club will supply main dishes and other food will be potluck.

Other Old and New Business

New Meetings:

Informal board meeting, July 6.

Meet-up meeting: July TBA.

Treasurer's Report submitted by Dawn and approved by board.

Bylaws – The board discussed that the recommendations for changes to the By-Laws in 2018 were never approved, as we did not have a business meeting in February. A recommendation was made that rather than simply approve the changes to the Bylaws for last year, we look more closely at them and do other needed changes as well. We had a discussion about the newsletter discontinuance and how to address that with the 50 institutions and individuals that receive it.

Carol will continue to write up the summaries of the lectures. Paul and Carol will work on the thought of developing an annual recap that could be printed and sent to institutions/members, but also be very useful as an archive for GSOC.

Carol and Barb will form a committee to discuss and formulate potential other changes to the Bylaws which would then be approved at the next Annual Meeting.

Member Management Software - The purchase was discussed at the board social last month, and Paul and Barbara (and others) will be researching this.

Next board meeting: August 10 at Barb’s.

Notes compiled by Carol Hasenberg from minutes written by GSOC Secretary Barbara Stroud.