Board Meeting Notes, April 12th, 2014

BOARD MEETING NOTES April 12, 2014  

The meeting was called to order at the home of Rosemary Kenney. Board members in attendance constituting quorum were Sheila Alfsen, Janet Rasmussen, Dawn Juliano, Paul Edison-Lahm, Bev Vogt, Bo Nonn, Marty Muncie, John Piccininni, and Jane Walpole. Also in attendance were GSOC members Dave Olcott, Larry Purchase, Bart Bartels, Carol Hasenberg, Tara Schoffstall, and Doug Rasmussen. The minutes of the February 15, 2014 board meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report The Treasurer’s report was approved. Paul provided copies of the GSOC letterhead at John’s request. Carol will email copies of the GSOC logo to board members.


Annual Banquet - Kudos and accolades were given to Dawn for the choice of Ernesto’s and the consensus was that it should be considered by the Banquet committee for next year’s venue as well – although perhaps in a slightly bigger space. After tickets sales and other costs, the net cost of the annual banquet was $10.58.

Friday Night Lectures - Janet has been focusing on involving PSU geology department faculty. Upcoming speakers include Curt Peterson in May, Max Rudolph in June, and Adam Booth in October. Janet recently gave a PowerPoint presentation on GSOC to PSU geology students and reports that they were very interested in our field trips; she will be speaking to another group this Wednesday. Paul will help Janet upload her PowerPoint to Google Drive and provide a link to the Ancient Walls Downtown Geology geocaches for the websites. Tara will also provide Janet with a link to online field trip guides for the website. Friday night snacks committee - Bart will chair this committee for the indefinite future and Sheila will bring the snacks for the May meeting. A sign-up sheet will be circulated at the next Friday meeting. Dawn will collect the donation money.

Annual Picnic - The Annual Picnic is set for 12:00 p.m., Sunday, August 17th. Janet will reserve Guy Talbot State Park. The board meeting will convene prior to the picnic at 10:00 a.m.

Field Trips

President’s Field Trip - (Sept. 3rd - 7th) Sheila’s trip will focus on sedimentation on both east and west sides of the Cascades. She has reserved the Silver Creek Falls guesthouse. Bill Orr will present his research on the Scotts Mills formation on Wednesday evening of the event (Sept. 3rd) and will lead the trip Thursday. Sheila is looking into accommodations in Madras and requesting permission for access from Warm Springs Reservation; she also is looking for a guide for east side portion of trip.

Mt. Hood Trip - (Bo, Larry) is set tentatively for the first week of August. Larry will investigate whether the access road is open and let the board know by email next week.

Lewiston Basin and Vicinity Trip - (Dave) is planned for April 30th to May 3rd. Dave will be coordinating carpooling. Keegan Schmidt will give an orientation on Wednesday April 30th at Lewis & Clark State College. The trip will start Thursday at 8:30 a.m. at the jet boat ramp. Publicity and liability releases make it clear that the jet boat trip is not being organized by GSOC.

Wallowa Lake/Baker trip - (Larry) will be planned for late June or July. Larry will be scouting the area with a NARG member and is still looking for a trip guide.

Newsletter/email/website Dawn sent letters to institutions letting them know that we would be moving to e-newsletter and received only two requests for a hard copy. Motion passed to form a Media/Technology committee which will address our use of newsletter, enewsletter, website, Twitter and Facebook and allow Dawn to remove non-paying recipients from the online membership list at her discretion. The committee will also address community outreach to high schools and community colleges. The board approved linking of the obituaries of GSOC members to the e-newsletter.

Library committee and scanning of Presidents’ Volumes (Bo & Larry) two Presidents Volumes have been scanned and Bo will now scan the third volume. Carol will incorporate the Presidents PowerPoint into the website.

Newsletter scanning Tara beta-tested scanning by hand and reports that it is a time consuming, tedious process that will require a lot of computer storage space, and the product will not be searchable. Motion passed to allow Paul to get one box of the most recent newsletters professionally scanned and OCR’d if within $250 range.


The next board meeting will be June 21st, 2014, 10:00 a.m. at Bev and Bart’s house.

Notes compiled from board meeting minutes submitted by GSOC Secretary Paul Edison-Lahm.